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Christian Spirit
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The Community of the Christian Spirit is a Eucharistic Community in the Catholic Tradition. CCS is located in suburban Philadelphia.

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Most of us consider ourselves pre Vatican III Catholics--we are an intentional Eucharistic community, we value our traditions, but we know we are called to keep responding to a living, moving Spirit . We plan our Liturgies and we honor the call of married priests and women priests and welcome them to celebrate with us.

CCS Liturgy is personal and honest. We always have time for sharing with and caring for each other, we respect one another's faith and integrity, we dialogue and question and act. We pray and share and celebrate Eucharist. We give thanks for the good news of the life and message of Jesus. We try to be loving people of peace and justice.

We often joke that the only 3 things we agree about are peace, optional celibacy and women's ordination--but that's Ok.

Our hearts and minds and doors are open. We advertise in every issue of Equal wRites.

We,too, are suffering from the recent revelations about our Church and Archdiocese. We,too, are angry. However, we realize that anger must take place within love and not take the place of love. We work for dialogue, healing and change in our Church and in ourselves.

The Community of the Christian Spirit meets for liturgy at 10 AM, Sunday mornings, at the Elkins Square Shopping Center, Elkins Park, PA and at 5:00 PM every third Saturday at the same place.

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It began in the light of Vatican II in the early 1970s. An invitation was issued by a local women's religious order to come together to experience renewed Liturgy, and then those who came could go back and share this experience with their parish communities. Many people found real community in that sharing and decided not to return to their parishes. However the Archdiocese informed them that they must go! The people did not want to cause the religious order any difficulty, so they left, but they made a decision to stay together as a group-- The Community of the Christian Spirit. Thirty-five years later, we are much smaller, but we are still an active, worshipping community!
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