Bucks County Folk Song Society
This is a great organization of folk and accoustic musicians. They're welcoming to beginners and professionals alike, willing to share and learn from each other.

The Philadelphia Ceili Group
A site to visit for all the Philadelphia, PA Irish Music and Dance Scene. Many, many links to all things Irish.

The Greater Philadelphia Area Puppetry Guild
This is the Philadelphia area guild of the Puppeteers of America. Meetings and/or events are about once a month. The latest newsletter and schedule are posted on the web page.

The Puppetry Home Pageby Rose Sage
This is a wonderful resource for puppeteers, collectors, puppet enthusiasts. There are many links and information on Puppeteers of America, UNIMA-USA and festival. Checkout the articles on construction and academic study.

Puppeteers of America, Inc.
The largest and most active puppetry organization in North America. It boasts members from the US, Canada and Mexico as well as many other countries. Some activities include national and regional festivals, mail order bookstore, The Puppetry Journal and The Playboard Newsletter

The USA chapter of Union Internationale de la Marionette, the international puppetry organization. Promotes international touring, study and friendship through puppetry.

History on the Hoof
The performing duo of Stacy Roth and Dave Emerson. Historic classroom presentations and assemblies telling you how it REALLY was.

Acoustic Music (Comtemporary & Historic)
Thumtack is a free advertising site for entertainers and other services.

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